July 1973 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Air-Detraining Admixtures

Is there any way to reduce the air content of a mix which is considerably higher than specified or intended? Read more

Problem Clinic Biggest Cement Silo

Has there ever been a cement silo built large enough to hold 25,000 tons? Read more

Problem Clinic Stripping Bridge Forms

How soon may forms be stripped and falsework removed from bridge decks? Read more

Problem Clinic Renewing Skid Resistance

Is grooving of pavements an effective way to provide skid resistance? Read more

Problem Clinic How Much Cement in the Concrete?

Has there been any practical test method developed for rapid determination at me jobsite of the cement content of fresh concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Accelerated Strength Tests for Acceptance of Concreteuxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

Can accelerated tests for compressive strength be used as acceptance tests for concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Hydrophobic Cement Sources

We use large amounts of cement in stabilizing archeological ruins. Where can we obtain hydrophobic cements, such as those described on page 7 of the January 1973 article on Special Cements? Read more

Problem Clinic Keeping Temperature Records

Our experience with concrete in the summer is that it has not always been predictable. Read more

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