March 1973 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Schmidt Hammer

Is the Schmidt hammer test a standard way of testing concrete strength? Read more

Problem Clinic Water Reducers and Air-Entraining Agents

Please give us a comparison between air-entraining agents and Pozzolith [a trade name of one particular water-reducing admixture]. Read more

Problem Clinic Consistency

What is meant by consistency? Read more

Problem Clinic Variations in Air Content

What causes air content to vary when the amount of air entraining agent and the mix proportions have not changed? Read more

Problem Clinic Paintability of Concrete Containing Salt

What effect would salt, salt water or ocean beach sand have on paintability of concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Floor Finishing Emergency

We had serious trouble finishing a floor in a basement room where there was no ventilation but the temperature was 80 degrees F. The surface began to harden before bleed water disappeared and we could not finish the floor without working some of the water Read more

Problem Clinic Condition When Tested

If a specimen is wet when tested will the strength be higher? Read more

Problem Clinic Sealer for Sandblasted Architectural Surfacesuxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

Is it necessary to use a silicone sealer after sandblasting architectural concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Sea Water in or on Concrete

What effect would salt, salt water or ocean beach sand have on concrete durability? Read more

Problem Clinic Sandblasting Costs

What is the estimated cost per square yard of sandblashng a continuous exterior concrete wall when the total area is about 5,000 square yards? Read more

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