October 1973 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Shrinkage-Compensating Cement and Phase of Moon

Some tests on concrete made in the early summer with shrinkage-compensating cement showed that they had more shrinkage than concrete made the previous fall from the very same shipment of cement. What could the time of the year have to do with it? Read more

Problem Clinic Forms for Architectural Concrete

What is the sense in the requirement of stiffer forms for architectural concrete than for structural concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Plastic Shrinkage in Shrinkage-Compensating Concretes

In using shrinkage-compensating concrete we seem to be having a new problem with plastic shrink age cracking. Could the cement have anything to do with it? Read more

Problem Clinic Dangerous Pond on Roof

A prestressed roof is threatened with failure caused by pending of water on its surface. As this the fault of the design or of the construction of the prestressed members? The trouble began with plugged drains but it is getting worse. Read more

Problem Clinic Tolerating Pyrite

What is the maximum amount of pyrite that can be tolerated in a concrete aggregate? is there another acceptance test for aggregate containing pyrite than ASTM C 294? Do you know of any case in which pyrite was clearly identified as responsible for deterio Read more

Problem Clinic Fibers Ought to Behave Like Compass Needles

Isn 't the use of steel fibers in concrete highly inefficient, since they point in all directions and are distributed through the whole mass? Read more

Problem Clinic Those Built-In Bumps

Almost every time one of the utilities companies in our area cuts out some pavement to work on their lines the replaced pavement seems to break or settle. How can settlement be prevented when the soil has no time to compact before repaving? Read more

Problem Clinic Gaining Time for a Safer System

OSHA gave us a citation for a safety violation and we have 30 days to correct it. If we follow the method OSHA suggested we can meet the deadline. However, we would like to set up a better and safer system though this will take us longer. Can we get extra Read more

Problem Clinic Damaged Bridge Deck Joints

What can be done to repair badly damaged bridge deck joints before resealing them? Read more

Problem Clinic Cladding Failures Needn't Be Built In

Is there any good rigid mechanical coupling for attaching brick on concrete buildings? Read more

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