August 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Buttonholing Employees for OSHA Walkthrough

The vice president of our firm is the only one authorized to go with OSHA compliance officers during inspections. One OSHA inspector took two of our foremen with him. Doesn't that invalidate the inspection? Read more

Problem Clinic Cracking in Wall From Deflection

What could have caused a number of vertical cracks in a partition wall? The floor seems to be sagging also. Could they be related? Read more

Problem Clinic Who Speaks About Concrete?

We had an unhappy experience recently when we planned a program on a subject for which we couldn't find a speaker. Is there any clearinghouse that could have helped us? Read more

Problem Clinic Supervisors Must Know Crane Capacities

Why should OSHA consider it the employer's fault if a crane operator lifts something that exceeds the crane's maximum permitted load when the foreman asks him to do so? The rated load capacity is posted right on the crane and the crane operator knows what Read more

Problem Clinic Rebar Size and Weights

What do the numbers for reinforcing bars signify, how can I figure the area from this number, and what is the weight per foot? Read more

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