December 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic What Do You Pay for Mixing Water?

Has anyone ever calculated how much it costs for extra mixing water in terms of how much extra cement would have to be added to maintain the same strength? Read more

Problem Clinic Copper Is Toxic to Algae

Is there any treatment that is effective for a long period in preventing the growth of algae? Read more

Problem Clinic Fire Ratings

Is it true that a concrete wall or floor with a two-hour fire rating is not necessarily twice as fire-resistant as one with a one-hour rating? Read more

Problem Clinic Setting Up Two-Way Radio

We have enough emergencies on our jobs so that we're thinking about installing two-way radio in all our rolling equipment. Where do we get the equipment, and do we need a license? Read more

Problem Clinic Keeping It Coming By Conveyor

How much concrete could I deliver per hour with a belt conveyor? Read more

Problem Clinic Strength at Very Low Temperatures

What happens to the strength of concrete at very low temperatures? Read more

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