January 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Those Groovy Nonskid Pavements

What is the simplest way to put nonskid longitudinal grooves in new pavements? Read more

Problem Clinic Blister-Free Floors

What can be done to prevent blistering? Read more

Problem Clinic Too Thin for a Warehouse Floor

Cores from the floor of our new warehouse show that it varies in thickness from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches. A thickness of four inches was specified. Ought we to insist that the floor be taken out or a thick topping applied? Read more

Problem Clinic Relative Cost of Tilt-Up

How does tilt-up compare in cost with other types of walls? Read more

Problem Clinic Tilt-Up Panels on Piers

Can tilt-up panels be set on piers? Read more

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