July 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic An Alternative to Underpinning

Is there any alternative to underpinning adjacent structures when constructing a large building with deep foundations? Read more

Problem Clinic Strike May Buy Time for OSHA Compliance

Our workers went on strike before we could finish correcting the violations found by an OSHA inspector. Can we get an extension? Read more

Problem Clinic Post-Tensioning Ducts Must Be Full

We suspect that some of the ducts in a posttensioned floor did not get completely filled with grout. Is this a serious matter? Read more

Problem Clinic Corner Cracks in Pavements

A street, only a few years old, has already developed a large number of cracks across corners. How can this be fixed so that it doesn't happen again? Read more

Problem Clinic Wales Provide Alignment

We are concerned with the problem of bulging forms and the danger of breakouts when forms are not strong enough. This makes us wonder why wales are used on only one side with some form systems. Read more

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