June 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Sealing Cracks in Swimming Pools

What is the best way to repair cracks in a swimming pool? Read more

Problem Clinic If You Get It When It's Hot

We have an acute cement shortage in our area and have to use portland cement that is very hot. The cement comes directly from a cement mill only seven miles away and is too hot when it arrives to hold one's hand in it. We are worried about what this does Read more

Problem Clinic Reducing Swimming Pool Leakage

Can anything be done, short of repair, to reduce leakage through construction joints in swimming pools? Read more

Problem Clinic Information on Placing Concrete Under Water

Where can we get information on tremie concreting? Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Entrap Bleed Water

We have a scaling floor for reasons we don't understand. It was finished as promptly as possible and a membrane curing compound applied right away so the concrete would develop maximum strength. A suggestion has been made that the trouble was caused by bl Read more

Problem Clinic Fibrous Overlays for Repairing Slabs

Would a fibrous concrete overlay be suitable for repairing a cracked deck slab to save removing and replacing it? We have a 1,500-square-foot slab that is so badly cracked it does not drain properly. Read more

Problem Clinic OSHA and Subcontractor Responsibility

We are subcontractors. Are we responsible when the general contractor supplies us equipment that doesn't meet OSHA standards? Read more

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