March 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Troublesome White Deposit

We have had trouble with a white substance that forms on exposed aggregate walls made with regular gray cement. A retarder had been painted on the forms. After stripping, the aggregate was exposed and the walls were cleaned with muriatic acid. How can the Read more

Problem Clinic Steel Fabric as Reinforcement

Although all steel is scarce nowadays we can sometimes get welded wire fabric more readily than reinforcing bars. Where can we get guidance on how to use it? Read more

Problem Clinic That Good Old Roman Cement

Why don't we learn to build concrete the way the Romans did so that it would last for centuries? Some of our concrete lasts only a few years and probably none of it will be around as long as theirs has. Read more

Problem Clinic Special Requirements for Prestressing Formwork

Is it true that there are special requirements for the formwork for prestressed concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Cement Burn

We have read of a case in which a homeowner is suing a ready mixed concrete operator because of cement burns that occured on his legs when he waded in the concrete. Are some concretes more aggressive to the skin than others? Read more

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