November 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Air Comes in Different Sizes

What is the difference between entrained air and entrapped air? Read more

Problem Clinic Building Code Amplification or Application

What is the difference between the two books on the American Concrete Institute Building Code: "Notes on AC/ 318-71: Building Code Requirements with Design Applications" and "Design Handbook in Accordance with the Strength Design Method of AC1-318-71, Vol Read more

Problem Clinic Air Entrainment Helps Sulfate Resistance

In an area where sulfate attack is severe we plan to use Type V cement. Is there anything else we can do to improve the resistance of the concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic B-B Plywood for Architectural Surfaces?

Is B-B plywood (oil-impregnated construction grade plywood) suitable for use in producing architectural concrete surfaces? Read more

Problem Clinic Ensuring That Concrete Is Monolithic

When slabs and beams are to be monolithic with the supporting walls and columns, what can we do to ensure that the concrete will really be monolithic? Read more

Problem Clinic Steel Affects Shrinkage Cracking

Does temperature steel prevent shrinkage in concrete slabs? Read more

Problem Clinic Cover for Rebars

How much cover is needed over reinforcing steel in cast-in-place concrete under ordinary circumstances ? Read more

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