October 1974 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Form Watching

What must be done during concreting to ensure the proper alignment, safety and other performance of formwork? Read more

Problem Clinic Metal Lath Useful in Only Some Applications

In the interest of eliminating delay in getting reinforcing steel, the owner of the building we are constructing wants us to use metal lath. He has read that, though the lath itself costs more, the labor cost is reduced from $0.09 per square foot for bars Read more

Problem Clinic Joints in Simulated Flagstone Walks

We are planning to build simulated flagstone walks in a shopping center. We plan to produce the simulated joints by inserting thin fiber strips, troweling over them and then stripping them out. Is it necessary to grout the resulting joints? If so, how can Read more

Problem Clinic Predicting Concrete Properties

Is it true that compressive strength is a clue to most other concrete properties? Read more

Problem Clinic Objectionable Cracking in Architectural Concrete Beams

What can be done to minimize the sizes of cracks on the bottoms of architectural concrete beams? These detract seriously from the appearance of the rustications. Read more

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