April 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Depth of Cutting With Thermic Lance

How deep can one cut concrete by methods that burn metal powder in oxygen? Read more

Problem Clinic Tilt in Retaining Walls

How can I avoid having a retaining wall eventually tilt outward? Read more

Problem Clinic Indoor and Outdoor Epoxies

Is there any difference in epoxies for indoor and outdoor application? Read more

Problem Clinic Earthquake-Resistant Construction

Is it true that there is a modern city in Yugoslavia which has been destroyed by earthquakes three times? Read more

Problem Clinic Tying Down Void Formers

How can one be sure that void formers keep their proper and rigid location until the concrete has been placed and hardened? Read more

Problem Clinic Direction of Placement Important on Steel Deck

Can one place concrete from both ends on a steel deck? Read more

Problem Clinic Avoiding Voids Under Windows

What is the best way to ensure that no voids are left under blockouts for window openings? Read more

Problem Clinic Bonding to Back Layer of Steel During Shotcreting

In shotcreting, what is the best way to get the concrete to bond to the back layer of reinforcement? Aiming the nozzle at an angle from two different directions does not appear to work well. Read more

Problem Clinic Steel Fibers May Decrease Strength of Mortar

Steel fibers added to mortar didn't improve the strength and may even have lowered it. What could be wrong with our procedure? Read more

Problem Clinic Shotcrete Nozzleman's Technique

How can we minimize the lap marks produced in shotcrete? Read more

Problem Clinic High-Rise Formwork

In high-rise construction what is the best approach to keeping formwork costs down? Read more

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