August 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Finding the Rebars

Does anyone make any kind of gadget for locating reinforcing steel in hardened concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Building a Segmented Prestressed Bridge

Where can I get information about bridge construction by post-tensioning a series of segmented boxes? Read more

Problem Clinic Cement for Nuclear Reactors

Must Type II cement be used for all prestressed concrete reactor vessels? Read more

Problem Clinic Predicting Fire Resistance

Is there any way to estimate fire endurance of floors or to design for it without running an actual test? Read more

Problem Clinic Response to Earthquakes

What kind of motion is it that an earthquake imposes on a structure? Read more

Problem Clinic Repairing Ferro-Cement Hull Damage

Is it satisfactory to use standard ferro-cement methods to repair a hole in a ferro-cement boat? Read more

Problem Clinic Cost of Ferro-Cement Vessels

Is it substantially cheaper to build a yacht out of ferro-cement than conventional materials? Read more

Problem Clinic Choice of Lightweight Aggregate

What is the best kind of lightweight aggregate to use for a loadbearing wall? Read more

Problem Clinic Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Epoxy Adhesives

If we use an epoxy adhesive will it resist freezing and thawing as well as the concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Slopes Achieved With Conveyors

How steep a slope can we figure on using with a concrete conveyor? Read more

Problem Clinic Depth of Folded Plate Roof

How deep a fold is needed for a folded plate roof that will span 120 feet? Read more

Problem Clinic Proper Time to Remove Inflatable Void Former

How soon can rubber void formers be removed? Read more

Problem Clinic Standard Mix Designs

Where can we obtain a set of standard mix designs for a given strength? Our testing laboratories are frequently asked for mix designs on such short notice that it does not allow time to calculate them. Read more

Problem Clinic Wet Mix Probably Can't Be Salvaged By Remixing

Would it be all right to mix a load of concrete that is too wet (7-inch slump or wetter) with a dry load of the same mix design to obtain concrete of allowable slump (under 6 inches)? Read more

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