December 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Curing Sawed Joints

Do sawed joints require reapplication of curing compound after sawing? Read more

Problem Clinic Durability of Sawed Joints

Are sawed joints more susceptible to salt damage than the rest of the concrete? Sawed joints tend to be raveled. Does this do significant damage to the concrete at joints? Read more

Problem Clinic Avoiding Alkali Burns From Fresh Mortar or Concrete

Has any experience been noted as to the cause of cement burns suffered by laborers or masons? I would also like to know how or why this occurs and the methods to be followed to minimize this rare occurrence. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete in Pipeline Between Deliveries

What do you do between deliveries of concrete on a pumping job? Do you clean the pipeline and waste the concrete in it, or do you save the old concrete in the line and the hopper to use with the next delivery? If you save it you're mixing concrete that ha Read more

Problem Clinic Pumping May Increase Compressive Strength

How much higher design strength do we have to ask for if we decide to pump a 4000 psi concrete mix? Read more

Problem Clinic Slow Building

What is the longest period of construction for a modern building? Read more

Problem Clinic Lightning Protection System Built Into Structure

If lightning protection is to be used in a structure is it normally installed during construction or added after the building is completed? Read more

Problem Clinic Lightning Damage to Concrete

Do concrete structures ever suffer seriously by being struck by lightning? Read more

Problem Clinic Unwashed Ocean Beach Sand Can Corrode Reinforcement

Is there likely to be any difficulty in using unwashed ocean beach sand in reinforced concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Vibrating Concrete Under Water

In tremie concreting under water what is done about vibrating? Read more

Problem Clinic Concreting on a Slope Under Water

Can tremie concrete be placed on a slope under water? Read more

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