February 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Keeping the Curing Water In

What precautions should be taken when using polyethylene film in curing flatwork? Read more

Problem Clinic Choosing Aggregate for Skid Resistance

Does the type of aggregate used in a pavement affect its skid resistance? Read more

Problem Clinic Nonhydroplaning Pavements

Can concrete pavements be made immune to the phenomenon of hydroplaning the sliding of tires on a film of water without direct contact with the pavement? Read more

Problem Clinic Building in Skid Resistance

What is the best way to produce skid resistance in concrete highways? Read more

Problem Clinic Hyperbolic Paraboloids Are the Simplest Shells

Why do they say that hyperbolic paraboloids offer simplicity in design? Read more

Problem Clinic No Rule of Thumb for Floor Productivity

Lately we have had contractors placing too large an area of concrete floor slabs so that finishers are not able to properly finish it before it rains or darkness falls. Is there any rule of thumb about the number of finishers required to finish a given ar Read more

Problem Clinic What to Suspect If Concrete Strength Drops

When there has been no known change in concrete mix design, what are some of the other things that might account for a sudden drop in concrete strength below the specification limit? Read more

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