January 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Sleeves for Openings in Floors

We have been using iron pipe as sleeving to produce openings in floors that will sometimes have water spilled on them. We place them with the tops about 1-1/2 inches above the floor and caulk with oakum and lead. If we were to switch to plastic pipe how w Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Worry About Type III

Is there any way to prevent the loss of strength at later ages in concrete made with Type III cement? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Resists a Little Heat

We are building some walls for ovens where the temperatures will be about 375 degrees F. Do we need a special concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Cutting Experts

I have heard that there is equipment to make circumferential cuts inside a large concrete pipe line. Is there someone who specializes in this work? Read more

Problem Clinic Inspect Construction Joint Location

Does the inspector have jurisdiction over the location of construction joints? Some of these must have to be located at the contractor's convenience. Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Burn the Rebar Sample

Is it permissible for an inspector to use a torch for sampling rebars to be sent to the laboratory for testing? Read more

Problem Clinic Insulating the Perimeters of Slabs on Grade

Are polystyrene foam boards adequate for perimeter insulation for slabs on grade and if so how should they be installed? Read more

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