July 1975 Table of Contents

Features Vacuum Dewatering Procedures

Traditional concrete slab-finishing practice entails an unavoidable wait for the concrete to stiffen sufficiently before the first floating operation can take place. This delay often entails considerable overtime. Read more

Problem Clinic Construction Loads

Is it structurally safe to store supplies on a shored floor? Read more

Problem Clinic Rock and Soil Anchors

Where can I get information on the proper construction of prestressed soil anchors? Read more

Problem Clinic White Floors Light Up the Room

We'd like to put in a white concrete floor to improve the lighting in an assembly plant. How fast will the beneficial effect on lighting disappear as the floor gets older and duller? Read more

Problem Clinic Soniscope Uses

Is the soniscope used to evaluate the strength of concrete or is it used to find out whether it has been weakened by cracking? Read more

Problem Clinic Bracing for Precast Panels

We are having trouble figuring the requirements for bracing for some factory precast walls because we don't know how much to allow for wind loads or the possibility of impacts. Can you give us a formula or guide? Read more

Problem Clinic Is Aluminum Always Aluminum?

If aluminum pipe is so bad for pumping because it generates so much gas in the concrete, and if aluminum powder is purposely used to produce gas in some grout, why is it permissible to use aluminum forms? Don't they cause trouble by making gas bubbles on Read more

Problem Clinic Changes in Concrete at High Temperatures

What happens to concrete during exposure to various temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F? Read more

Problem Clinic Self Desiccation

What is meant by the term "self-desiccation"? Read more

Problem Clinic Reuse of Form Liners

What is a reasonable number of reuses for plastic and elastomeric form liners? Read more

Problem Clinic Meaning of "Laitance"

In the article on sealing joints of tilt-up panels (April 1974, page 171) the word "laitance" is used. This word has frequently appeared in our concrete specifications over the years but we have never been able to find it in our dictionary. What is a good Read more

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