June 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Concrete Swelling Like Yeast

How do you handle concrete that swells like yeast? Read more

Problem Clinic Metallic Shake and Vacuum Dewatering

Is it possible to use a metallic shake on a concrete floor that has been vacuum dewatered? Read more

Problem Clinic Calcium Chloride in Flatwork

What are the advantages or disadvantages in using calcium chloride in concrete floors or other flatwork? Read more

Problem Clinic Spacing Rebars

How far apart must rebars normally be spaced? Read more

Problem Clinic Vapor Barrier and Vacuum Dewatered Concrete

Is a vapor barrier needed when concrete is vacuum dewatered? Read more

Problem Clinic Color Variation in Vacuum Concrete

Does vacuum dewatering ever cause variation in color? Read more

Problem Clinic Depth of Joints in Floor Toppings

What is the proper way to cut joints in floor toppings one-fifth of the thickness as in regular slabs, or all the way through the topping to the joint in the base slab? Read more

Problem Clinic Terrazzo Thickness

What is the normal thickness of a terrazzo floor topping? Read more

Problem Clinic No Frost Allowed

An inspector recently made us thaw the frost from the reinforcement before he would let us place the concrete. Is this necessary? We were using concrete that had been heated. Shouldn't that melt any frost on the rebars? Read more

Problem Clinic Durability of Shrinkage-Compensated Concretes

We have been told that concrete made with shrinkage-compensated cement is more likely to be damaged by freezing and thawing than regular concrete. Is this so? Read more

Problem Clinic Pavement Blow Ups

How does one prevent pavement blow ups, and what can be done about them once they occur? Read more

Problem Clinic Deflecting Forms

What can we do to keep prefabricated formwork from deflecting? Read more

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