March 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Don't Worry About Hard Water for Mixing

For quality concrete all that is required of the water is that it be at least potable. But has enough attention been paid to the water ingredient? If water is "hard" do the minerals affect the cement? What effect do chlorine, and the fluorides and occasio Read more

Problem Clinic Salts Are Not All Alike

If salt water cannot be used in concrete, why is it permissible to add calcium chloride (a salt) as an accelerator? Read more

Problem Clinic Trade Sources of Form Release Agents and Form Coatings

Where can I obtain information about the many brands of form release agents and form coatings? Read more

Problem Clinic Applying Mosaics to Cast-In-Place Work

What is the best way to do mosaic work with ceramics or marble? Read more

Problem Clinic Flat-Plate and Flat-Slab Roofs

What is the difference between a flat-plate and a flat-slab roof? Read more

Problem Clinic Nonslip Stairway Surfaces

What is a good way to produce a nonslip surface on a stairway? Read more

Problem Clinic Early High-Rise Structure

What was the first high-rise concrete building in this country? Read more

Problem Clinic Fast Conversion From Centigrade to Fahrenheit

Do you know any simple way to convert Centigrade temperature to Fahrenheit? Read more

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