May 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Should Curing Water Be Vacuumed Off?

Isn't there some contradiction between the concept of vacuum dewatering and the need for keeping the curing water in the concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Sealing Tilt-Up Panel Joints

What causes failures in tilt-up panel joints? Read more

Problem Clinic Strength of Inserts for Tilt Up

How do you determine the strength needed in inserts used for tilt-up panels? Read more

Problem Clinic Drum Mixing Vermiculite Concrete

We have always seen vermiculite concrete mixed in a rotating-paddle mixer. Can it be mixed in a rotating drum truck mixer? Read more

Problem Clinic Time to Cover a Vermiculite Concrete Deck

How soon can built-up roofing be put over decking made of vermiculite concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Loss of Minus 50 Mesh Material During Vacuum Dewatering

What happens to the minus 50 mesh material that accompanies the water removed by the vacuum? Read more

Problem Clinic Vacuum Dewatering Lightweight Concrete

Can vacuum dewatering be used with lightweight aggregate concrete? Read more

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