November 1975 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Muddy Mix Water

Our jobsite is located where we will have to set up our own batch plant and the only source of water is a stream that is muddy. Can we use this water in our mixes? Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Field-Weld Rebars

Will it improve the strength of crossing rebars to tack weld them on the job? Read more

Problem Clinic Effect of Age on Cement

Our company has a small amount of cement that is 5 years old, but it has been stored in steel drums and seems to be perfectly dry. There are only a few lumps, which were probably caused by the cement settling and thereby packing in the drums. We can easil Read more

Problem Clinic Successful Bar Bending

What is the secret of bending rebars in the fabricating shop so that the radius is always correct and the bars are not twisted? Read more

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