April 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Causes of Crazing

What causes crazing? Read more

Problem Clinic Slick Line

What is a slick line? Read more

Problem Clinic Detecting Bridge Deck Delamination

How can a bridge deck be best evaluated to find the areas that have become delaminated? Read more

Problem Clinic Number of Psi Per Bag

In designing mixes how much strength increase can we figure for each additional hundred pounds of cement? Read more

Problem Clinic Imperfect Shotcrete

When we stripped a shotcreted wall we found sand along the base which was unbonded or only lightly bonded. What happened? Read more

Problem Clinic Sea Water in Concrete Mix

Is it true that sea water should not be used in mixing concrete? We have heard conflicting reports. Read more

Problem Clinic Durability of Concrete Containing Fly Ash

Is there any truth to the allegation that fly ash concretes are less durable to freezing and thawing? Most authorities seem to agree that it is mainly the air void system that assures durability. Read more

Problem Clinic Dry Packing

What is dry packing? Read more

Problem Clinic Clean Surface Before Applying Adhesive

We were faced with a limited time in which to apply patches to a concrete floor. Rather than spend a lot of time cleaning and preparing the surface we painted what was supposed to be a high quality epoxy adhesive onto the old concrete and applied fresh co Read more

Problem Clinic Fungicides and Germicides

Is it true that there are ways to make concrete permanently poisonous to fungi and germs? Read more

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