December 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Bonding Tile

What can be done to be sure that tile will bond well to the finished concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Linings for Concrete Tanks to Hold Black Liquor

Will shotcrete withstand the attack of black liquor from cellulose pulp production or does it have to be protected by some kind of lining? Read more

Problem Clinic Welded Wire Fabric Not Used to Improve Strength of Driveways

How much could we reduce the thickness of an unreinforced concrete driveway if we include wire mesh in its construction? Read more

Problem Clinic Getting Adequate Workability in Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

We know that it is usually wrong to add water to concrete for workability but on a recent job with concrete that contained steel fibers we weren't able to handle the material properly at all until we added more water. Is there an admixture that solves thi Read more

Problem Clinic Crazing Not a Sign of Deterioration

How soon should I expect deterioration of a new concrete slab that has a crazed surface? Read more

Problem Clinic Cracking Across Corners and Parallel to Joints

Most of the flatwork in our area eventually develops cracking across the comers and parallel to the joints. The cracks become more numerous as time goes on. The general attitude is that this is normal and nothing can be done about it, but I don't see this Read more

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