February 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Corrosion of High Yield Steels

Should we be more complacent or less so about the possibility of corrosion of the new high-yield-strength reinforcing steels? Read more

Problem Clinic Alkalinity and Corrosion of Steel

What is pH and what does it have to do with corrosion of reinforcing steel? Read more

Problem Clinic Rain Protection for Pavements

Sudden rains cause trouble in our paving operations. The fresh concrete behind the paver is spread out over quite a distance and we have a hard time reaching it all in time to give protection. Is there any way to make this easier? Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Stop the Slipform Machine

What can be done to even out the small bumps we get whenever the slipform machine stops between truck deliveries? Read more

Problem Clinic Finegrading

Could we save money by skipping the step of finegrading before paving? Read more

Problem Clinic Abrasion Test for Aggregate

What is the Los Angeles abrasion test? Read more

Problem Clinic Revealing Aggregate Uniformly When Sandblasting

The aggregate exposure on site-precast panels for a recent job was nonuniform. The panels were sandblasted at ground level resting on the long edge. A more or less ellipse-shaped section at the center was well done, but around the edges the panels were no Read more

Problem Clinic Wear-Resistant Aggregates for Floors

What kind of aggregate could we use to improve the wear resistance of a concrete floor that will be subject to truck traffic and to an accumulation of sand and other grit on its surface? Read more

Problem Clinic Prevention of Checking By More Thorough Curing

What can be done to prevent checking of the sloping sides of a canal? We apply curing compound promptly, but it is quite hot here in the southwest and we think we are not holding all the moisture. Read more

Problem Clinic Last-Minute Corrections in Rebar Placement

When the inspector found an error in rebar placement he made us take some out recut and replace. It caused more job delay than we could afford. Couldn't we have fixed it by adding more bars or splicing? Read more

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