July 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Water Leakage Into Pumped Concrete

Concrete from a pipeline had higher slump than the concrete that went into the pump hopper. We suspect the pump was leaking water into the concrete. Is this common? Read more

Problem Clinic Scaffold Plank Strength and Overhang

How thick should planking be for scaffolding and how much overhang is needed? Read more

Problem Clinic Hot Pipelines

Will pumping increase the likelihood of trouble with early setting in hot weather? We are thinking of a 700-foot horizontal run. Read more

Problem Clinic Avoid Cold Surfaces With Most Epoxy Bonding Agents

We plan to repair concrete with an epoxy bonding agent but the temperature of the concrete may be too low to be sure of a good job. Is there a good way to warm it? Read more

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