March 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Tremie Technique

In placing concrete under water by tremie how does one ensure that the first concrete doesn't get pretty thoroughly mixed with the water? Is there any trick to getting the concrete to flow properly? Read more

Problem Clinic Shores on Ground

Is it a safe practice to set shores on ground? Read more

Problem Clinic Steel Fiber Tensile Skin for Beams

Has any study been made of steel fiber reinforced concrete as a tensile skin in beams? If so, what does it do to crack width? Read more

Problem Clinic Pumping High Early Strength Concretes

Is it safe to pump concrete made with high early strength cement? Read more

Problem Clinic Overcoming Excessive Bleeding in Walls

We are getting so much water at the top of foundation walls that we can't get an even surface. After we finish vibrating we seem to be floating in 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water. Read more

Problem Clinic Tolerances for Footings

How careful do we have to be in making footings to the dimensions shown on the drawings? Read more

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