November 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Safe Removal of Reshores

The operation that makes our foremen most nervous is removing reshores. We go along with them in the idea that it is better to leave reshores in place a little longer than to take a chance on a collapse. But we don't think we're using our forms and shores Read more

Problem Clinic Lignite Coal Causes Surface Problems

The local sand in our ready mixed concrete contains lignite. When we are doing flatwork the lignite works its way to the top and later it causes discoloration and small popouts. Would a topping made of a different sand be the best solution? Read more

Problem Clinic Cement for Seawater Exposure

Is there an admixture for use with Type I cement to make Type II or Type V cement unnecessary in concrete for piers in ocean water? We cannot get those types of cement in our area right now. Read more

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