October 1976 Table of Contents

Features Deicers ... Take Care!

How do you know if you're getting the right deicer? Check for labeled contents. Unfortunately, many times no information is provided. Read more

Problem Clinic Tanks to Hold Weak Ammonium Sulfate Solutions

It has been our practice to repair our concrete tanks periodically. We have.never found coatings satisfactory for our purpose. The tanks hold water containing various chemicals in small concentrations, including ammonium sulfate in concentrations up to ab Read more

Problem Clinic Which Deicer

What kinds of deicers will not damage concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Sea Shells for Concrete

Do sea shells make good concrete aggregate? Read more

Problem Clinic Most Transverse Cracks Eliminated By Steel Fiber Reinforced Overlays

What are the practical results of using steel fiber reinforced concrete overlays on highway pavements? How much can we expect to reduce the number of transverse cracks? Read more

Problem Clinic Avoid Painting Driveway

What is a good paint and painting technique to use on a driveway to overcome persistent problems with oil stains? Read more

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