September 1976 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Wood Swells

Is there any difficulty associated with embedding decorative wood blocks in a concrete wall? Read more

Problem Clinic Curing Test Cylinders

The early construction of a school building will be done during the months of February, March and April when the weather is quite variable. Will it be right to air cure the concrete cylinders to get realistic strength data? Read more

Problem Clinic Obscuring Craze Cracks

The exterior walls of our county courthouse were well done but craze cracking detracts from their appearance. Is there any way of obscuring these cracks without doing extensive repairs or detracting from the otherwise good finish? Read more

Problem Clinic Type I or Type II Cement for Ferrocement

Where can I get the pozzolan or Type V cement to use in building a ferrocement boat? Also, where can I get ASTM C 33 graded sand? Read more

Problem Clinic Unbonded Overlays Are Preferred in Steel Fiber Concrete

What is the best way to bond steel fiber reinforced concrete overlays to the old pavement? Read more

Problem Clinic Chloride Attack in Wetting and Drying Exposure

A brine with a high content of calcium chloride is leaking through the concrete linings of a potash shaft and causing severe deterioration of the concrete linings. The concrete is not reinforced. How can we alleviate this problem? Read more

Problem Clinic Favor the Big Pipeline

It has been recommended that we use a 5-inch pipeline to pump 4inch slump concrete made with 1-inch top size expanded shale aggregate. We had always thought that the line diameter only had to be four times the top size of the aggregate. We have trouble wi Read more

Problem Clinic Pumping May Improve Concrete Strength

Does pumping concrete impair the strength of the mixture in any way? We have heard that pumping mixtures must be specially designed and we wonder if this is partly to compensate for strength losses. Read more

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