December 1977 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Finishing Air-Entrained Concrete

In our climate air-entrained concrete is seldom specified, and when it is required we sometimes get complaints from our finishers who don't get much experience with its use and seldom like to work with it because they say it is too sticky. Is there anythi Read more

Problem Clinic Slip Resistance for New and Old

New walks are to be placed in the yard of our high school. These walks must be rough enough not to be slippery. At the same time some existing walks in the yard and along the streets surrounding the school are to be renovated to get rid of the polished, s Read more

Problem Clinic Rebars Need Quality Concrete Cover

The only way we can successfully fill some concrete beam forms is to increase the slump of the mix. The rebars just don't allow room to operate a good vibrator effectively. These beams carry a roof over a swimming pool. Would it be satisfactory to increas Read more

Problem Clinic Center Strip Won't Match Driveway Tracks

We have just purchased a house with an old-fashioned driveway made of two ribbons of concrete with grass growing between. We would like to have a pavement that is continuous between and beyond the existing tracks. I suspect that it will be necessary to ta Read more

Problem Clinic Paint Won't Help Rough Driveway

Our 12-year-old concrete driveway is becoming rough. Can I prevent it from getting rougher by painting it? Read more

Problem Clinic Refrigerator Wall Repair

Portland cement plaster has been used over metal lath on the walls of a refrigerator room that operates at temperatures of 32 to 35 °F. The metal lath is supported on wood studs with polyethylene between the lath and studs. The plaster has cracked and pee Read more

Problem Clinic Effectiveness of Insulation

Is it true that four inches of insulation does not save twice as much energy as two inches of the same kind of insulation? Read more

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