February 1977 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Finding a Laboratory for Special Testing Services

We expect to try three methods of producing a wear-resistant floor. Where can we find a laboratory in our area that is competent to run wear tests on concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Agitator Capacity Higher Than Mixer Capacity

On a recent job the concrete arrived in 13-cubic-yard batches in revolving-drum mixer trucks but the trucks were labeled "10 cubic yard mixer maximum capacity." We inquired about whether the concrete could be properly mixed if the drum was overloaded like Read more

Problem Clinic Increased Bleeding From An Admixture

Walls of a third story underwent more bleeding than those of the first two stories. Could this have been the result of an admixture introduced into the mix after the first two stories were done ? Read more

Problem Clinic Tapered Slipforming

How do you slipform a building that tapers toward the top? Read more

Problem Clinic Pressure Allowance for External Vibration

We have a job on which we expect to use external vibrators on the forms. Does this have any effect on the pressures we should figure for the concrete in the forms? Read more

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