January 1977 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Tornado Resistance

Can a two-story commercial building be designed and built to be tornado-proof without unusual precautions or expense ? Read more

Problem Clinic Grade a and Grade B Concrete

We have received a specification that refers to Grade A and Grade B concrete to be used for tiltup. We have never heard of such grades and haven't found anyone who has. What do they mean ? Read more

Problem Clinic A Good Looking, Durable Bridge Deck

The entrance driveway to a new plant and headquarters office will include a bridge that crosses a small stream. The owner wants to avoid scaling of the bridge deck from road salts and, for the sake of appearance, also wants to avoid using any black membra Read more

Problem Clinic Wrinkles in Vapor Barrier

We sometimes have trouble getting our crews to spread out the vapor barriers smoothly so that they are free of wrinkles. Might the wrinkles cause planes of weakness that would lead to cracking? Read more

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