June 1977 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Wavy Honeycomb Lines

We have undulating lines of honeycomb on some walls. Is this because of improper vibration? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Cover When Not Specified

No cover has been specified for concrete basement walls containing Number 5 bars. We are concerned about the danger of corrosion if the steel is too close to the surface. How much cover is needed? Read more

Problem Clinic Inscribing Hardened Concrete

We are all familiar with the problem of placing a slab and then discovering the next morning that some child has scratched a name in it. My problem is just the opposite. I have a slab approximately two years old on which I wish to inscribe several names a Read more

Problem Clinic Screeding on a Slope

Is there a simple method of screeding the concrete on a 20-degree slope? This is a small job that doesn't warrant bringing in any special equipment. Read more

Problem Clinic Dust From Sawing

We would like to saw the joints in a new floor being placed in a pharmaceuticals building. Because the building is in use, there are strict limitations on dust. Is there any way to eliminate or remove the dust? Read more

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