September 1977 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Preparing Pavement Cracks for Sealing

A parking lot has a considerable amount of random cracking, and the owner would like to seal the cracks. They will have to be widened somehow to receive the sealant, but a saw would not be able to follow their abrupt meanderings. How can the cracks be wid Read more

Problem Clinic Determining If Curling Is Complete

The reinforced floor in a light industrial plant is curling. The floor was placed in March and April and curling was perhaps first noticed the following autumn. Now that the winter has passed and the atmosphere in the building has been unusually dry, the Read more

Problem Clinic Ways to Avoid Balling of Steel Fibers

We made a few small test mixes of our own to see how we could best handle concrete containing steel fibers but we had trouble with clumps of fiber in the mixes. Is there any way to avoid them? Read more

Problem Clinic Loss of Prestress

When an engineer talks about "loss of prestress" does he mean there has been an accident or is this something that always happens? Read more

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