April 1978 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Overcoming Damage to Driveways After a Bad Winter

During the past winter the temperature in our area didn't get above 0°F for 2 weeks or above 32°F for 8 weeks. Consequently some residential driveways built in November didn't get much chance to cure before they were put into use. Then during December, Ja Read more

Problem Clinic Thawing a Subgrade for a Floor

In a 60,000-square-foot area of a warehouse under construction we have frost to a depth of 30 inches. Is there some way to thaw out the ground other than burning straw on the surface? The burning of materials such as straw isn't alto wed in our area. Read more

Problem Clinic Puncture-Resistant Membrane

The article "Basics of Residential Slab-on-ground Construction" (January issue, page 21), ignored the problem of how to transport concrete across the vapor barrier and welded wire mesh without puncturing the vapor barrier. This latter would be a problem o Read more

Problem Clinic Excessive Pump Line Pressures

What are some of the things we should check into when our pumping pipeline pressures get high? Read more

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