August 1978 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Using Crushed Ice in Concrete

Please tell us of any problems and hazards you are aware of in using ice in concrete during hot weather. Read more

Problem Clinic Lower Limit on Pozzolan to Prevent Alkali-Silica Expansion

In the article "Mix Design Hints for Fly-ash Concrete," published in July 1963 the statement is made on page 266, "Never use fly ash in concentrations of 10 percent or less in concrete that is susceptible to alkali-aggregate [nowadays know as alkali-silic Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Stop the Pump Too Long

Often when we stop the pump for any length of time between deliveries of concrete we have a tot of trouble with plugged lines. We can't always avoid these delays. Is there a good way to prevent the trouble? Read more

Problem Clinic Early Use of Welded Wire Fabric

We are trying to establish the approximate age of some old concrete. Do you know when 6x6-10x10 welded wire mesh was first used in the U. S.? Read more

Problem Clinic Ensuring the Reliability of Cores

The strengths of cores taken from a bearing wall are lower than we have reason to think they should be. In our experience, core strengths have often been lower than cylinder strengths, and we frequently wonder how reliable core strengths are. Is there any Read more

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