January 1978 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Explosive Demolition of Structure Attached to Others

It is necessary to tear down an old 4-story cast-in-place factory building in order to put in landscaping and a parking lot for a new building. A newer annex, however, is to be saved. Is there any way to use explosive demolition without damaging the annex Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Cement and Mortar Stains From Automobiles

How can concrete stains be removed from automobiles that were parked too close to a wall that was being placed? Read more

Problem Clinic Tilt-Up By Paving Methods

Has anyone ever tried using a paving machine to produce tilt-up panels on a big job? This ought to save some finishing time. Read more

Problem Clinic Bar Tie Frequency

We use plenty of bar ties to ensure that the reinforcing mat performs properly. Is this a good precaution? It does have the disadvantage of adding to the time spent in steel setting. Read more

Problem Clinic Salt Not Suitable Floor Fill

Sodium chloride is a by-product of our manufacturing process. The salt isn't pure enough for us to go to much effort to market it, but we wonder if it could be sold in bulk to contractors for use as granular fill under concrete floors on ground. Read more

Problem Clinic Wait to See If Surface Treatment Is Needed

The driveway and parking lot of our plant were made with 5000-psi concrete, using 1 1/2-inch maximum size coarse aggregate and 4 percent entrained air. Now we want to apply linseed oil to protect against salts that will be used for melting the snow and ic Read more

Problem Clinic Care of High Density Overlay Plywood Forms

To make the most of an investment in hard-surfaced plywood what precautions and practices should we take besides stripping the forms carefully and always oiling them before each reuse? Read more

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