June 1978 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Shotcrete Rebound

When we applied a 1 1/2-inch thickness of shotcrete recently we used enough total material to produce about 2 1/4-inch thickness if there had been no rebound. Isn't this excessive? Read more

Problem Clinic For Mar-Resistant Walls

What is used to protect concrete walls against graffiti such as crayons, marking pens, spray paint, charcoal chalk and lipstick? We are concerned about a pedestrian tunnel where there will be ample opportunity for passers-by and loiterers to express thems Read more

Problem Clinic Square Boxouts for Columns

At a seminar on floor construction it was said that diamond shaped boxouts around columns are better than circular. Why should this be so? Read more

Problem Clinic No Recommendation of Diesel Oil for Curing

Concrete contractors in our part of the Southwest use diesel fuel to cure concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic Magnetite Aggregate for Shielding Concrete

Where can we get magnetite for use in making shielding concrete of 235 pounds per cubic foot? Read more

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