March 1978 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Rebar Chart

Somewhere we saw a picture of a wall chart showing rebars full size and giving handy reference information. Where can we get one? Read more

Problem Clinic Spalling of Brick Facing

What would cause brick facing to span from a highrise concrete frame building a couple of years after it was completed ? Read more

Problem Clinic Polystyrene Foam for Void Form

Plans for a small building show a 3- by 8-inch cardboard void form to be used around the exterior of the base of a grade beam wall. We don't know where to get such void forms. Is there any reason why we couldn't simply use a 3- by 8-inch strip of polystyr Read more

Problem Clinic Flatwork Construction Startup After Cold Weather

We have been having a long cold spell but we anticipate a pretty warm day with the temperature running in the 60's, Fahrenheit. Can we place concrete floors on grade? Read more

Problem Clinic How Did They Pump That High?

The "Did You Know" item on page 622 of the November 1977 issue could have been more informative. How, pray, did our German friends accomplish their feat of pumping concrete 310 meters high? Read more

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