September 1978 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Concrete Has Long-Term Resistance to Seawater

We expect to be engaged in the design of some undersea structures. These will be large and we must do whatever is necessary to make them permanent. They will be located near shore and not subjected to tremendous pressures, but we are concerned about sulfa Read more

Problem Clinic Effect of Finish on Sulfate Resistance

The slab in the base of a power plant cooling tower will be continuously subjected to sulfate water of concentrations that vary between 900 and 1500 parts per million. By reference to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Concrete Manual [Table 2, page 11] we se Read more

Problem Clinic Transporting Concrete Over Vapor Barrier

We are concerned about transporting concrete over the welded wire mesh and polyethylene vapor barrier on large pours where the truck-mixer chute won't reach. How can this be done without puncturing the vapor barrier? Read more

Problem Clinic No Stakes Through Vapor Barrier

In floor construction where welded wire fabric and a vapor barrier are used, is there any method of setting screeds without puncturing the vapor barrier? Read more

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