February 1979 Table of Contents

Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete for Industrial Floors on Ground

Most owners would like to eliminate or control cracking in any industrial floor slab they build, reduce the number of joints in the slab, and get a superior, long-lasting concrete floor. Read more

Features Post-Tensioned Slabs on Ground Are Easier with Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete

Post-tensioned concrete slabs on ground are coming into use to prevent cracking, particularly when built on expansive soils. Read more

Rapid Analysis of Fresh Concrete

A rapid analysis machine (RAM) has been developed in Britain by the Cement and Concrete Association as a practical method of determining the cement content of fresh concrete. Read more

Features No-Fines Building Gives Energy-Conserving Homes

Like many other successful ideas, no-fines construction is very simple in basic concept. Read more

Problem Clinic Resurfacing Over Popouts

We have a problem with popouts on some rather expensive steps and landings in a church building and the owners are withholding the releasing of the bond. Can you recommend a way to repair them? Read more

Problem Clinic Form Pressure

What is the pressure of concrete on the bottom 1-inch-high portion of an 8-inch-wide form 8 feet high? This form section is located in the corner of a wall forming system. Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Tie Exterior Flatwork to Foundation

When putting in a new driveway or sidewalk along the side of a house should I put rebars into the foundation? I have done so in the past but I have found that a crack forms parallel to the house a short distance beyond the ends of the rebars. Read more

Problem Clinic Strength of Concrete Made With a Retarder

If I use a retarder does the strength stay the same? Read more

Problem Clinic Driveway Expansion Joints

In a driveway 100 feet long how close together should expansion joints be located? Read more

Problem Clinic Welded Wire Fabric and Joints in Garage Floors

When I put in a home garage floor, using expansion joint fillers along the walls and wire mesh in the slab, should I cut control joints in both directions across the middle of the floor? Read more

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