January 1979 Table of Contents

How to specify Architectural Concrete -- How to Get What You Specify

To designers, architectural concrete is a magnificent art form. To specifiers, it is a stimulating challenge to their interpretive powers. For contractors, this art form provides perhaps their most outstanding opportunity to display pure craftsmanship on a truly monumental scale. Read more

15,000-PSI Concrete Achieved with Polymers

Formation of concretes with compressive strengths of 15,000 psi and higher is now possible by replacing or augmenting Portland cement as the cementing matrix. Read more

Building Residential Concrete Walls by Pumping

When you have no access, or the wall is higher than the ground, you sometimes have no other choice but to consider some method to move the concrete beyond the end of the chute, such as pumping. Read more

Problem Clinic Flowing Concrete

Please explain flowing concrete. Is it the same as superplasticized concrete? If it flows so well, doesn't it segregate? Is it really as strong as concrete made with a lower slump? Read more

Questions from the Field About Concrete Floor Construction

Over a period of four years, A. H. Gustaferro, seminar chairman for the World of Concrete, has collected more than 200 technical questions from registrants, mostly from individuals who are dealing with concrete floor construction and its problems in the field. Read more

Fifty-Foot High Wall Placements Save Time and Cost

Exterior walls up to 50 feet high were cast in place to their full height with single placements during construction of an unusual sculptured building for the 98th Street Racquet and Swim club in Bloomington, Minnesota. Read more

Insulating Concrete Problem Clinic Insulating Concrete

Can you give me some information on insulating concrete for roof decks? Read more

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