July 1979 Table of Contents

Performance Specifications -- They're Good for Everyone

An important step toward achieving control of concrete uniformity was taken in 1971 with the acceptance of a major revision of the American Concrete Institute's Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete, which is usually referred to as ACI 318. Read more

Developing the Market for Pattern-Stamped Concrete

Imprinting of concrete surfaces was pioneered by a Palo Alto, California company, Bomanite Corporation, that not only manufactured the tools but established reliable procedures, franchised contractors with exclusive territories, trained them in the special operations needed, and provided them with continuing services. Read more

Features Stamped Concrete

A growing number of architects and owners are opting for concrete flatwork that resembles slate, brick, tile, stone or even wood. Stamped concrete creates an illusion of expensive slate or tile at a fraction of the cost. Read more

Problem Clinic Dispensers for Truck Mixers

Would you please help me find some information on dispensing devices for truck mixers for introducing superplasticizers into concrete? One was shown in your article "Flowing Concrete," in the January 1979 issue. Read more

Problem Clinic Heat Buildup in Massive Sea Wall

We have a problem concerning a sea wall which forms a cutoff to a large underground parking garage we are forming in an old dry dock. Read more

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