March 1979 Table of Contents

Cast-in-Place Pipe

Placement of cast-in-place concrete pipe (CIPP) in a typical metropolitan area like Phoenix has doubled in each of the past three years. Read more

Epoxies for Concrete Repair and Restoration

Replacement of concrete buildings, bridges, roadways and other structures is becoming more and more expensive as costs of materials and labor continue their upward spiral. Read more

Nervi -- Architect, Engineer, Contractor

Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, who died at age 87 in January 1979, had the genius of an architect, the efficiency of an engineer and the ingenuity of a contractor. Read more

Patching Concrete with Rapid-Setting Materials

Persons faced with choosing one of the many rapid-setting patching materials must decide where, when and how to use which product. Read more

Problem Clinic It Shouldn't Stick to Your Feet

What causes concrete to stick to the shoes of the machine trowel operator? Read more

Problem Clinic Replacing Wood Block Flooring With Concrete

A customer has wood block flooring in a pitch mastic over a concrete subbase about 4 inches thick. He wants to take out the wood and put in a 4-inch-thick concrete floor in its place. Will it be necessary to take out the mastic, and if so, how thoroughly must the base slab be cleaned? Read more

Problem Clinic Impact Hammer Eliminates Air Pockets

Would an impact hammer be useful for preventing air pockets? Read more

Problem Clinic Testing It Yourself

Is there any way I can do my own concrete testing? Read more

Problem Clinic How to Presettle a Structure

We are concerned about future settlement of a low-rise building. It doesn't seem practical to take the foundation all the way to bedrock. The soil is sufficiently compressible so that settlement is certain. What is a good method of stabilizing the elevation? Read more

Problem Clinic Getting a Hard Surface on a 45-Degree Slope

We are building hoppers in a 15-foot-square grain dump pit. Is there any admixture or coating that would solve our problem? Read more

Problem Clinic Chloride Corrosion Of Steel

Reports on chloride corrosion of steel are confusing to me. Sometimes I get the impression that it is caused by deicers and other times it sounds as though calcium chloride admixtures are the culprit. Or can it be either one or both? Read more

Problem Clinic Placing Steel in Skewed-Joint Pavement

Is there any way to minimize or avoid the tremendous amount of cutting necessary to fit welded wire fabric into pavement that has skewed joints? Read more

Problem Clinic Nonchloride Accelerators for Prestressed Concrete

Is there any accelerator that can be used in prestressed concrete? Read more

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