May 1979 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Removing Asphalt From a Wall

A 10-foot by 60-foot wall that was formerly an exterior basement wall is now the interior wall in an addition and it is desirable to paint it. The trouble is that it has an asphalt coating. How can we get the asphalt off? Read more

Problem Clinic Pumping Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

When we had trouble pumping an expanded shale aggregate concrete we got some relief by increasing the air content (which had been 4 percent) up to 8 percent, and by replacing some of the sand with fly ash. Read more

Problem Clinic Equipment for Pumping Lightweight Mixes

We know that structural lightweight concrete mixes for pumping should be proportioned with pumping in mind. But assuming we have obtained a good mix design, shouldn't we be concerned about the choice of pump and pipelines? Read more

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