November 1979 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Removing Acrylic Seal Coat From Tilt-Up Walls

The finisher applied too much seal coat to some of the tilt-up panels for a post office building. Most of the panels with normal amounts of seal coat look fine, but where it has been applied thickly it has yellowed. It is reputed to be an acrylic. We have Read more

Problem Clinic Dry Shakes Good or Bad?

I am responding to your April 1979 special issue on concrete finishing. The author of the articles often referred to applying a dry shake when the concrete has started to set but before the water sheen has disappeared. I always thought that the dry shake Read more

Problem Clinic Concreting on a Slope

In June 1965 you published an article "Concreting Inclined Planes" (page 205). We would appreciate additional information relating to concreting on inclined planes. Read more

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