September 1979 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Tying Concrete Walls and Stairs to Foundations

An inside stairway and wall are to be built some time later than the foundation walls of a house. Their footings will be built at the same time as the footings for the foundation walls. Will these inside footings be enough to keep the stairway and interna Read more

Problem Clinic Relative Effectiveness of Rebar Patterns

I see rebars with several different shapes of deformations on them. Is there any record showing which deformation patterns develop the best bond? Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Ink Stains

How can we remove ink stains from the floor of an office supply area? The stains vary from small spatters to big spills 10 inches in diameter. Read more

Problem Clinic Little Construction Potential for Carbide Lime

I have access to a supply of byproduct hydrate of lime. Could you provide any information as to how this material could be used in road or holding basin construction or in general concrete work? The lime hydrate is a byproduct of acetylene manufacture fro Read more

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