August 1980 Table of Contents

Features D-Cracking and Aggregate Size

The term D-cracking has been used for many years to describe a form of deterioration which is periodically observed in concrete pavements. Read more

Systematic Construction of Buildings by Room Units

A building construction method that has been used extensively in Europe for years is now rapidly changing construction thinking in America. Read more

Features Fusion-Bonded Epoxy-Coated Rebars

Among the most promising methods of combating steel rebar corrosion in concrete parking decks, bridge decks and other areas is the use of fusion-bonded epoxy-coated rebars in new construction and in repair. Read more

Features Keeping It Cool with Liquid Nitrogen

Because of the problems that hot weather can create in both plastic and hardened concrete, cooling is encouraged by American Concrete Institute Committee 305 for concrete that is mixed, transported, or placed under hot weather conditions. Read more

Problem Clinic Superficial Marks and Durability

A contractor applied a broom finish to a driveway but because the weather was cold he placed kraft paper over it and covered it with salt hay. In some places the paper became pressed into the surface enough to make the surface smooth. Will these smooth ar Read more

Problem Clinic First Batch in Wall Can Be Slightly Wet

We seem to get more honeycombing at the bases of walls than higher up. Could this be because the first mixes were on the dry side, before we got the mixes adjusted? Read more

Problem Clinic Early Patching of Tie Holes

The owner's representative for a large job insists that the contractor patch the tie holes as soon as he strips the forms. (He has been keeping the forms heated and then stripping them after 48 to 72 hours.) Is it necessary to patch the holes immediately? Read more

Problem Clinic Greenhouse Floors Should Leak

We want to put a porous floor in our greenhouse but don't know how this is done. Can you provide information? Read more

Problem Clinic Source of Aggregate for Heavyweight Concrete

Where can we obtain aggregate for making radiation shielding concretes? Read more

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