February 1980 Table of Contents

Concrete: Old Earth for New Designs

The selection of a building material was not always uncertain: In years gone by, the answer was almost always "steel." Steel engineering, however, simply does not offer the perfect solution to our search for an industrialized system of design. Read more

Prestressing: the Technique That Makes Concrete Fully Competitive

Nineteen forty-nine was an exciting year for the concrete industry. It was the year that structural concrete literally leaped into full competition with structural steel as a result of the construction of the 155-foot-span prestressed concrete Walnut Lane Bridge in Philadelphia. Read more

Roofs: Why Are So Many on the Ground?

When unusual depths of snow fell in the Chicago area there came news of literally hundreds of commercial and industrial roof failures and thousands of home garage roof failures. Read more

Project: Stamp Out Scaling

A durability study by three ready mixed concrete producers from Columbus, Ohio has shaken the widely held assumption that concrete exposed to deicers and severe winters will inevitably scale. Read more

Problem Clinic Ready for Rain

If you are pouring a large supported slab, 60 feet by 100 feet, and it starts to rain, what measures can you take to protect the slab? Read more

Problem Clinic Expansion Joints

Could you please let us know where we might obtain up-to-date information on expansion joints in concrete buildings? Read more

Problem Clinic Long-Distance Joint Spacings

We would like to know if there have been any published data or surveys made of buildings where particularly long distances between joints have been built and proved effective or otherwise. Read more

Problem Clinic Corrosion of Aluminum Steps in Manhole

During construction of a new sewage collection system it was found that the aluminum manhole steps embedded in the concrete manhole pipe had not been tar-coated before installation. Will there be a corrosion problem in the future? Read more

Problem Clinic Evaluating Durability of a Structure

As we are more and more concerned with durability, how do we measure it on a given structure after a year or after 5 years? Read more

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