July 1980 Table of Contents

Earthquake-Resistant Connection Uses Steel Fibrous Concrete

How can designers relieve the extreme congestion of intersecting rebars and hoop ties in conventional seismic beam-to-column connections? Read more

Post-Tensioned Multistory Tilt-Up

An interesting phenomenon has developed in the San Francisco Bay area resulting in improved versatility of tilt-up construction. Read more

Concrete Pumped to New U.S. Record Height

Concrete pumping in the United States took a sizable leap upward recently when concrete was pumped 729 feet vertically to place the last of 50 floors in the Capital National Bank Plaza in Houston. Read more

Half Tunnels and High Yield Strength Fabric

Mating half-tunnel forming with high yield strength, structural welded-wire fabric shortens construction time and saves money. Read more

Problem Clinic Recycling D-Cracked Pavements

Now that highway departments are beginning to recycle concrete pavements by crushing them for use as aggregate in new concrete, we wonder if it is possible to recycle pavements that have been subject to D-cracking. Would they just begin to break up again in the same old way? Read more

Problem Clinic Repairing Effloresced Pier Caps

We have a project to replace an old concrete deck. The existing pier caps are heavily covered with efflorescence. Your "Guide to Repair of Concrete," March 1977 issue, gives good descriptions (pages 124 and 131) of how to remove efflorescence. But you do not mention how to test to determine whether or not the concrete is still in good condition. Read more

Problem Clinic Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

On a spring day we were placing slabs that cracked open before we could finish them. Will too much water reducer cause trouble? Read more

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